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Ms. Avalia Moore is an entrepreneurial leader who leaves no stone un-turned when venturing into an opportunity.  With exactitude and vision, she’s taken numerous business endeavors from inception through successful sales exits almost predictably. Ms. Moore procured her first real estate property at the age of 21, she  built a small portfolio adding a few additional properties by 23,  By 2oo2, Ms. Moore had also formed A-Z and More, a wholesale business distributor, and with remarkable sales skills and speed, She sold products to $0.99 cents Stores all over Oranges and Newark in New Jersey. 

Ms. Moore performed a variety of functions for her employers while in school beyond her first position including, staff supervision, payroll, inventory management, marketing and sales.  She also proved her sales and marketing prowess by securing for the company two large accounts through impeccable presentations: The Clinton Administration and the National Woman’s Basketball Association were two accounts achieved for Flavors Catering, a 65% sales growth, the highest the company has ever seen over a five year period.  Meanwhile, Ms. Moore managed to complete her studies at University of California, Haas School of Business, Berkeley earning an M.B.A in 2003.
Ms. Moore continued her rise of success working with employers such as Southbridge Management Company, managing 9 state run buildings for the firm, She supervised the maintenance of the nine buildings in lower Manhattan maintaining a total of 80 union employees and the company’s payroll, by laws and minutes.

Ms. Avalia Moore currently runs ADD Moore, LLC, a full service real estate finance and asset management firm. She builds from a successful history of brokering large off-listing commercial properties to private equity buyers. Using her extensive experience, relationships, and analytical skills, Ms. Moore is transforming her real estate firm into a mortgage processing and investment bank by merging with an experience processor of over 15 years of experience. To build her firm’s inventory, she secured contracts for pools of notes from banking institutions that Add Moore will service.

Moreover, ADD Moore has expanded her commercial off-listing practices to incorporate specialty portfolios with products such as hotels and other trophy buildings in the markets. Finally, Ms. Moore will provide private viewing and deal rooms for extensive database of buyers/investors through the company’s Web portal, maintaining a distinctive advantage over her competitors.  Ms. Moore is also effective in project management, presentation speaking, strategic planning, mortgage originator and is an accredited banker in 48 states.

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